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Easily Happiness by 17 techniqes article

Basic rules need to understand before getting into 17 techniques easily happiness:

1. Know now the temper actually,

 As we already know the actually tempers are as follows:
A picture or colors affects eyes, and making you feel it pretty or ugly.
Sound affects with ears and you feel unpleasant or pleasure.
Smell or odor touches gently to your nose.
Taste in which delicious or tasteless affects your tongue.
Coldness, heat, gentleness, and tough is called “touch” affects your body.
Finally, the think, though or the diffuse is called cognizable object
(ธรรมารมณ์). It touches your mind at the moment.
The mentions above has a great effect on our sense pass through your eyes, ears, tongue, nose, body and  mind in which are called the twelve spheres(อายตนะ). These are a real meditation. That means you should not send your mind out to get a long with outside environment, or you should not keep your mind staying within, even if the passion will take over.
 Sending your mind out means you have let your mind to think more than it should be, and your mind will be out of control. You will become unknown whatever you see, hear, think, and so on.
In the other hand, if you have tried keeping your mind staying within, it means you have gazed, clamed, or you have enjoyed staying in peace. You have felt this would be enough. You do not want to pay attention on things that effect on eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body at that time. 
Thus, a thing that should be aware of is you should “know” thing with comfortably and naturally. You should not force yourself to “know” or intend to “ know” more than usual even if you will be more intend to “know”, and you should not enforce you mind to be free from whatever you have though. These are wrong doing. You should just know your actually temper that is happening only. 
Please take notices, you should have observed your actual know often such as:
Knowing whatever you see, but you should not interest in it
Knowing whatever you hear, but you should not intend to hear what sound is it.
Knowing whatever you think, but you should not interest in thinking so much.
Knowing whatever you feel upset, but you should not know what cause you to be upset.
Knowing whatever you feel happy, but you should not interest in what makes you feel happy.
Finally knowing whatever you want to know, then you do not want to know anymore. Or you know nothing means you know there is not thing.
For the mentions above, this is the beginning of actually “know” correctly
2. Don’t judge sense objects is good or bad
As we know the attachments (อุปาทาน) in which control you mind are as follows:
1. The attachment to sensuality (กามุปาทาน), it means the sticking with sensual desires.  
2. The attachment to view (ทิฏฐะปาทาน), the believe or trust in which base on personal background such as education, experience and how someone to be raised.
3. The attachment to the belief in the efficacy of religious ceremonies and rituals.( สีลัพพตุปาทาน ), this is the sense of belonging for a human being.
4. The attachment to self (อัตตวาอุปทาน), believing in ourselves should be aware of because this attachment has a great control our mind in which you will or will not get the intellect.
The attachments mentions above have controlled our mind to judge things in which we have seen, touched, talked, and participated with and so on in daily our normal lives. However, these are not necessary everybody has to judge the same.
 Since, you have participated in the progression sense. You should not judge or compare things with you mind or body at that moment. Even if the attachments will take control you mind immediately.  The progression sense will teach you how to abort from situation as follows:
Merit and sin, if you want merit, the sin will stay close.
Good and bad, your mind wants to be good, bad still goes together.
Right and wrong, if you need thing be right, the wrong must be taken to evaluate
Like and hate, you will like things and hate things at the same time.
Calm and fanciful, if you want the calmness, the fantasy will stay together.
Persist and release, you need to hold things, it is also releasing the others.
Finally, cause and reasonable, whenever you think of something, there will be cause and reasonable in what you have though all the time, and the attachments (อุปาทาน) will help you to find the answer.
From the reading above, someone who has never experienced in the progression sense may have an argument. This practicing has pointed less. However, the main idea for this practicing is to give up the wheel of life, desire, needs, and so on.
If we still stick around with happiness, good, clam, reasonable as a result, our mind will stay with human body or angel or Brahma. If we still want to be bad, our mind will made us to be animal or hungry ghost or monsters and beast.
Thus progression sense will help us to depart from what we are right now. It also gets our mind to be free from temper, and finally it can help us away from the wheel of life.  From now on whenever your temper has feel, you should stop judging things in which goods or bad, or which temper makes you feel happy or sad. Actually, those things are from the same reason that is desire. It also creates the beginning of distressful. Thus, you should adjust your mind to accept happiness and distressful to be the same. And you should get to “know” only,
3. It is not necessary that our mind must be calm
This, progression sense, practicing is suitable for a person who does not enough have time to reach meditation room or practice with other procedures, and anyone who us this practicing is more advance than others. He/she may reach the calmness and apply this with your daily routine.  For example, using your walking time to work is a walking up and down. Using your studying or working time is a time of sitting with concentration. However, your mind mightn't be calm. This emphasizes on “know” only all day except when you have slept, and it is called “momentary concentration”.
When your mind doesn't calm, it doesn’t matter. You should let your sense fully work. Then, your mind will calm by itself. If you have enough time, you should be able to sitting with concentration before sleep or after waking up at least 10 minutes then enhancing the time as you wish.
The sitting with concentration must be needed because each person has different of concentration.  When your mind is calm during the sitting with concentration, it helps you to recall “know” while you are working or studying more effectively.
4. Do not play with thought,
          Many have said “it is hard to stop thinking further”. When a person begins to think whatever is going on, it is so difficult for him/her not to stop thinking beyond or more. During, the progression sense training someone may give up or quit because he/she may have a hard time not to stop thinking, and it has not happened before.
         Actually everybody think of everything naturally. When you have trained of “know”, you will know actually that your mind try to over thinking or restlessness all the time. Thus, when you know those things are happening,   you should go back to “know” your breath only. This doesn’t mean you have to run away or leave your thinking. When you know what you want to know. It would be enough, and it is not necessary to know more.
          Please take a notice when you mind try to think more than you have expected. It means you intend to think with greed, angry, misled and attachments.  
          However, whenever you intend to think or solve any things with your personal background, experience, education, training and so on, and you are not trying to think further. You stop thinking when you have reached your goal. This is a real “know”. It is also called the wisdom resulting from metal (ภาวนามยปัญญา).  
There is an argument that if we do not think how we can get the intellect. There are many authors, scientist, and philosopher and so on. They never said they have enlightenment as the lord Buddha.   
Sometime, you may have such a question we all think since we were born, but you have forgotten that the more you think the more you get pain or suffer. It has never reduced if you still keep thinking. 
Furthermore, the whole paragraphs never tell you to stop thinking, but it let you think as much as you can. When you have done, you will get back to know you breathing. You will see after you have practiced you will think more careful and control than the past because you can control your mind with out the conceit, belief, and desire.
5. Knowing actually temper
Many practitioners may curious in which he/she has experienced practicing with other methods such as, inhale/exhale breathing, hand movements,  seeing pity, mindfulness with regard to the body ( กายคตาสิ)and so on before. If they have used this, they may have confused
Actually, if you may have basic mind training from others before, you may easily reach the progression sense, and you may apply this training with your daily life. For example, while you are trying to” know” your breathing, somehow this breathing is difficult to “know”, and you feel uncomfortable.  You can move or change to inhale/exhale breathing instead. If you get bored of inhale/exhale breathing, you can move to the progression sense instead.
Furthermore, if you have such a painful feeling such as an ache follow, a stomachache, and a headache and so on, you have already known where actually is your painful located. You may get to “know” that pain and realize pain is a group of energy existing within your body. It could be switch off.
Moreover, if there is some voice or  interesting pictures happened, your mind will automatically try to “know” what it is. After you know it, you can get back to know the breathing again. Sometimes, you may get angry with your colleagues or friend. You move your know to your depresses feeling. Then, you can get back to know the breathing again. You may have switched this all day.
6. Its’ perhaps, the spell is free from suffering,
Anything that has happened to your sense-objects always effects on your temper and body, these will gone soon under the rule of nature. The sentence above is also called “the three characteristics”. The first characteristic is the impermanence (ไม่เที่ยง). Second is the state of suffering or being oppressed (ทุกขัง). The finally is soullessness, state of being not self (อนัตตา).An example for the characteristics are as a man/woman can not stop growing, and he/she dislikes to get old, then he/she tries to stop it by using many cosmetics or taking plastic surgery.   
The three characteristics above has been discovered and named by the lord of Buddha. He has described them in easily way for everybody.  Thus, whenever, you have felt happy, distressful, like, hate, or anything else, and it never stay long, you should realize that its’ perhaps.
Furthermore, the word of being distressful under the progression sense has more deeply meaning than normal. In normal meaning as we already know are physical sickness, stress, and conflict, miserable, painful and so on.
However, the distressful under the progression sense means no one can stand stills, and everything is changeable.  Even your mind has reached the happiness or calmness; it also is being distressful because no one has always satisfied whatever has happened. 
Your sense, concentration, intellect are also being distressful under the reason above, so you should not think your mind should be clam or know all the time .
The progression sense is a training that gives our mind to familiar with the truth of life and to understand the rule of nature. Our mind will be trained until you can accept you will not rely on yourself, body and sense of belonging. Then, the mind will not depend on body.
Some of our happiness and sufferings something is from one's past deeds. A practitioner should stay in the middle way for every situation. You should not get a long for anything or any emotion much. You should let thing go till happiness and sorrow will switch off automatically.
This progression sense emphasizes on seeing distressful, and it is not practice till you get distressful. If you feel taut, oppose, conflict, gaze, enforce, interfering, you should relax and adjust to the new way of knowing immediately.
Progression sense easily technique,
1st technique
For newly practitioner, you might get confused how to get to “know” your temper. You firstly should try to support your sense just “know” the feeling of inhale or exhale of breathing. It does not mean you have to know nose tip or breath, but you must feel only the air that affects the nose tip.  Feeling air that you breathe can affects your nose tip can be rough, clear, long or short.  However, the mention above is not actually important because we always breathe. The main idea for this is just only” know” your breathing. The rest is not importance.
The newly practitioner, wherever  you  stand , sit , walk , lie down , eat , drink , do , speak , and so on, you should know as much as you can. You should not be more aggressive or intend to do much.  You should be careful. Knowing just little would be better way.   You should begin to know feeling of the air that you have breathed on your nose tip, and feeling it naturally. The more you have practiced. You will get used to “know” easily.
3 rd technique
If anyone who has experienced various practicing from others and been unsuccessful, you may try to use this progression sense method for a while, at least a month. During this practicing, you should not try to switch to others ways at the same time.  If anything has not happened, this means you have no waste time for working or staying with a family.
 4th technique
During the practicing, if you feel unusual symptoms such as fearsome, itchy on face or  body, feeling likes having an insect, the body’s moving, shaking, an arm or a leg are disappeared, and so on, you should not be frighten. These are a symptom of the concentration and delightful.  You shouldn't following them or let the symptoms to stay or to enforce them disappear.  If these imaginations can’t fool your mind,   these will create newly unusual symptoms to enforce you again. You should get back to concentrating of the breath.
 5 thtechnique
    If there is physical suffering happens, please don't try to fight or win strictly because you have followed the imitation power of the anger. That means you still suffer the pain, and you should not try to loosing it. Thus, just knowing it, and removing your sole and mind back to gently know at the breath builds again. Moreover, A person who has experienced the suffering or distressful may regard as a lucky because knowing them can easily know how to get off. The lessons from distressful and suffering are particular helping a dharma practicing person to see the dharma easily,
          While you are getting to know the breath, please don't forget to observe your mind that there is dharma council (thing that came from the misery from bad old deeds and it caused mind body at the present) anything that has happened in which, you feel happy, distressful, like or hate. You should perform only “know”, and do not regrarding that feeling,
During practicing, you may have some illusions on your mental such as color, light, a beautiful picture, fearfulness. These are just imaginations. You have created relying on the ability of concentration at that time. If you have such a strongly concentration, the picture will be clear as crystal. Furthermore, each person may or may not have the same illusion as others. Please do not concerning it. If you can see an illusion that means your sense is weaker than your consideration. However, you should not concentration on this illusion.  You have just made sure you know it only, then you should get back “know” the breath immediately.
8th technique
 Things that you should beware of are happiness and calmness. When your mind meets happiness and calmness, your mind is not struggle to depart of this. You feel peaceful and stick sink and deep. The happiness and calmness become the most fearful trap because normally human stick with happily more than stick with distressfully. You must observe your mind only “know “that is the happy or calmness.  
9th technique
For you daily movement such as stand, eat, drink, do, speak, think, transfer, and others. Whatever you have felt with your movement at present, you must “know“your actually temper. You should not try to get a long your feeling much or getting along with it, and you should persuade “ know “ only with out saying any recited words such as “.Lord Buddha” and so on.  
 10th technique
 While you are walking at work, you should know all of your body movement generally. Moreover, if a part of your body movement becomes clearly “know”, you should move “know” from that part to others, such as you know your hand doing thing then you should move your know to your eyes to see a picture instead and so on. This should be performing with comfortable feeling and natural mannerly. You should not be gazed much on whatever you should “know” on your body part.  You must not recite anything. If your mind become more overwhelming, you should try to concentrate only on each part of your body such as a foot that affects the ground or a hand that is moving and you can also recite some Buddha’s word.
11th technique
At working place, your should give the sense of knowing with work such as , picking a document your sense should stay with a hand that pick that document, or while you are talking with the colleagues, your sense should stay with  knowing talk. Moreover, you aresweeping a house, wash dishes, take a bath, and so on, your sense must know what are you doing, but you should not get any emotions with it. You should not feel angry or bore or exhaust whatever you are doing. Thus, you must know what you are doing with the breath and let them go together. This way could reduce your gaze at present.
 12th technique
          There will be a feeling of lust or trouble during practicing, such as thinking of love, feeling mad, angry, fear, worry, petulance, sad, upset, annoy and so on. You shouldn't think of those emotion strictly because these lust or trouble will be increasing enormously up on you emotion, and it is difficult for a new practitioner to handle or get rid of it.  Thus, you should try to hold your breath softly or pay attention to “know” other temper such as, outside sound etc. Then, you should try to get back to “know” the breath. This would be clearly enough.
13th technique
While you are practicing, you might have some physical problems to  joins in , such as suffer from diarrhea, having a headache, reveal,  fever, or ever sick with the disease. This physical problem hardly cured even though you have taken some pills or seen a doctor, and you do not why it is still exist.   This is an unexpectedly imagination that.  The only way to get rid of these is only “know” go through your mind and the fear of it will be switched off.
14 th technique
On holidays, if you have some free times, you can do some walk back and forth or walking meditaion (เดินจงกรม ) or mind concentration sitting or sitting meditaion ( นั่งสมาธิ ) as you wish at least 20 minutes. While you are walking or sitting, you should feel comfortable to doing it. You should not think seriously this is some kind of practicing.   For example, you walk  for a while and feeling exhausted, then you can sit or you have sit for a period of time and feeling bore, then you can change to walk instead.
15th technique
Before sleeping, instead of thinking aimlessly, you should take your sense to “know “your breath or distended stomach shrinks. Getting to know with soft, comfortable and gently are the keys.   When you feel free and sleepy, just let sleep without knowing when you are inhale or exhale. Furthermore, when you wake up in the morning, you just know the breath before you do your normally activity.
When you have done the progression sense for a while, it does not mean. You will meet the happiness or calmness. You will be extremely seen the distressful more clearly. The happiness and distressfulness will stay short. That means you could give up this feeling easily. You should try to observe and compare whatever is happing to your mind now and next 3 month ahead. There will be difference. Thus, your mind will be more independent from your temper.
17th technique
Everything that has happen in this world is relying on three Characteristics (Triple Gems). Thing happens and ends all the time. You should not expect what you can get from this practicing. If you have highly expectation, you will get none, and thereby the dharma council can not carry on.  You should try to increasing your progression sense by “know” the breath often.

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